Photo provided by: Adriana Soley

Photo provided by: Adriana Soley

I am excited to share that this is the first time on my blog where I am featuring an individual to highlight the awesome things they are currently doing within the food / bev industry, specifically within the world of spirits and cocktails. I will be calling this the "Spotlight" series.

The first Spotlight will be on Adriana Soley, the National Spirits Brand Ambassador for Torres Brandy who, after getting to know her, is an impressive, intelligent, and talented woman / bartender working for one of the most prominent brands in the Brandy category. I'm not going to spoil the fun of getting to know her (because she will spill all the beans in our Q&A featured below) but you should definitely check her out on the gram by clicking on her name above - she, and Torres Brandy, will be doing big things in 2018.


What is your current role with Torres USA? 
Currently I'm the National Spirits Brand Ambassador for Torres.

One fun fact about yourself, go!
I used to have a mohawk and was also featured in Vogue España for my cocktail creations!

What is something you find special, or unique, about working for Torres?
So many things! First, working for a family owned company where the family is as involved as the Torres family and are close with their employees is extremely rewarding.  This family dynamic trickles down into all aspects of my job.  We truly feel like a part of the Torres family – and so do many of our customers!

Second, I love representing a brand that comes from my native city, Barcelona, where I grew up surrounded by Torres!  I have always been proud of my roots, but now I get to express my pride through my job. 

Third the amazing team behind it, Torres gives jobs to +3000 people that makes the company the success it already is and I'm especially happy with the young energetic spirits team I'm part of and the USA team, I love my bosses are always motivating me to give my best.

What is your goal for Torres in 2018? (Also, if you don't have a personal goal, you can just speak to the brand's goal in general)
On the Annual report of Drinks International published last week, and we have been chosen the 7th Top Trending brand and 6th Best Selling brand at the World's 50 Best Bars.  In the Brandy&Cognac category, we are the only Brandy outside the Cognac in the list! "Torres stands alone as the only brandy not from France in the list. The Catalonian spirit, which bartenders prize for its rich, rounded and oaky profile, is a point of difference to the more delicate cognacs in the market"

In the Pisco Category, El Gobernador has been chosen 10th as Best Selling and 4th  as Top Trending! 

My goal is to keep climbing up these ranks as well as develop the brand through thoughtful and meaningful educational events and activations. 

When educating others about the brand, what do you like talking about the most? 
I love how the industry is moving towards obtaining as much information as possible behind the spirits and ingredients they use.  I have found during my travels and seminars that people truly want to know the story behind the brand, the history of the spirit, and then take these elements along with them as they create cocktails and develop menus.  The consumer, too, is more interested in the little things that they never used to care about.  I love when I go to a bar and a consumer (who is not in the industry) asks someone about the age statement on a bottle or asks the bartender if they know the type of oak used to age.  Its amazing! People never used to ask any questions, and now they are asking the right questions!

Favorite Torres spirit to drink neat, or on rocks?
Torres 15 neat! I don't like to drink spirits on the rocks.

What is your favorite cocktail you have made using the Torres spirits? What is in it?
Lately The Brandy Sour, I think brings out the best in brandy, it seems simple but it's an incredibly flavorful cocktail that even experts thought had more ingredients that what it actually has. 2oz Torres 15, 0.75oz Fresh squeezed lemon juice, 0.75oz Simple Syrup, egg white

Your favorite NYC bar?
Employees Only, the year I discovered it was the year I moved to NYC in 2013. My first 2 years in New York, I used to go 2-3 times a week! Now I'm more relaxed and like to go to other places, even though I always find my way to EO at least once a month.

The staff is almost the same as it was in 2013, they are all so nice, even my mom loves to visit them when she is visiting! 

Photo by: Adriana Soley

Photo by: Adriana Soley

What is the best cocktail you have had in NYC?
A mascarpone cocktail at Angel's Share and the PPP cocktail at Ousia! Unforgettable!

Now, for the moment of truth. What is your favorite Bon Vivantito cocktail? :)