german gin

Monkey 47


Origin: Germany

SRP: $42 / 375ml

Spirit Facts: Hailing from Germany’s Black Forest, Monkey 47 is an exotic gin made with a molasses base. The 47 refers to the amount of botanicals used which includes such unlikely fruit ingredients like lingonberries, blackberries, and honey pomelo. (The 47 also refers to the % ABV of this new world gin.) The unique botanicals are combined with a host of recognizable gin botanicals such as chamomile, sage, angelica, coriander, and a whole array of others. The distillate is aged in earthenware (glazed or unglazed non-vitreous pottery that has normally been fired below 1200°C) containers for three months before being brought to its 47 degrees alcohol with the forest’s celebrated water. Toss this gin on the rocks for a peppery, citrusy gin with aromas of berries and pine – it’s dangerously delicious.

Tasting Notes: Complex on the nose and palate; ripe berry, island spice, and fresh citrus take the center stage in this robust, new world gin.

How to Mix With It: Bee’s Knees, The Last Word