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Photo:  Justin Sisson

Photo: Justin Sisson


I read about, write about, and take photos of cocktails & spirits. Why? Because I'm kind of nerdy and love learning about the history, culture, and science of it all.

Join me on my booze-filled journey to get the latest cocktail trends, the best booze to buy, some cool recipes, and learn a thing or two. Learning is a lot more fun (and funny) when drinking is involved, I promise.

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Recipe: It’s a Rasta Ting

This drink brings the heat with Fatalli pepper-infused Plantation Xaymaca rum & other delicious fruit and herbal flavors. Check out how to make it!

Barrel-Making, Whiskey-Drinking, and Southern Hospitality With Woodford Reserve

This feature highlights my experience in Kentucky with Woodford Reserve and the James Beard Foundation. If you’ve never experienced the food and drink in Kentucky, it will absolutely be on your list after reading this.

Mixing It Up

A proper drink at the right time—one mixed with care and skill and served in a true spirit of hospitality—is better than any other made thing at giving us the illusion, at least, that we’re getting what we want from life. A cat can gaze upon a king, as the proverb goes, and after a Dry Martini or a Sazerac Cocktail or two, we’re all cats.
— David Wondrich, Imbibe!