Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky has announced the third partnership in the distillery’s annual Beyond the Cask series. Glenmorangie has collaborated with Grain Surfboards of Maine, to create hand-made wooden surfboards from their whisky’s barrels. Talk about getting wavy! The surfboards are hand-finished and carefully “bookmatched” to showcase continuous patterns – the frame, tailback and central panels are made entirely from whisky casks.

Courtesy of Glenmorangie

Courtesy of Glenmorangie

Each board unites Grain’s signature material, Maine-grown northern white cedar, with 12 American white oak staves – approximately half a Glenmorangie Original cask – for stability and a lower overall weight, plus reclaimed red cedar for accent stripes. “Grain Surfboards are true experts in their field and, like us, they believe in taking time to truly understand the character of wood. Working with them is a great way to reinvent the casks that give Glenmorangie Original its depth of flavor and give them a new lease of life beyond the distillery,” says Dr. Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s Director of Distilling & Whisky Creation.

This collaboration is a testament to the beverage industry’s ongoing support of the importance of sustainability in today’s environmental landscape. Many bars and hospitality groups have rid themselves of products that aren’t the most environmentally friendly, such as plastic straws, in efforts to soften our carbon footprint and help foster a healthier, and more prosperous lifestyle. The upcycling of these ex-whisky casks is the perfect example of where there are opportunities for sustainable practices to be implemented. A true, best-in-class case of innovation in sustainability.

The limited-edition Glenmorangie Original surfboard ($5,500 each) is now available online for purchase.