Drink Development & Menu Design

Let's Create. . .

Every bar wants a drink menu that speaks to their patrons in a unique and relatable way. We will ensure that, from the cocktail name, to the menu design, your drinks are ones that look, sound, and taste the part in a way that aligns with your brand’s storytelling. Here are a few ways to work with us:


1. Custom Cocktail Development & Menu Design (also available seasonally)

We will work with your bar team to understand which drinks & ingredients drive sales, the style of your bar, and what your vision is to create a menu that truly resonates with your guests. Whether it be seasonally, or annually, we will ensure that we are making the most out of your bar program. This package includes: cocktail names, recipe specs, guides to mixing instructions and technique, and a drink menu that makes sense for your bar.

2. Custom Cocktail Development

Maybe you have a drink menu design that you are happy with, but are looking to move forward with a new, creative concept for your bar program. I will work with your bar staff to create as many custom cocktails as your bar needs and will ensure your staff are equipped to create them with consistency and enthusiasm.

3. Menu Design

Your bar has some delicious drinks that just need a beautiful menu to match. Say no more. We will work with your team to help create the drink list you've been looking for. Whether it be graphic-based, or your standard cocktail list, we've got you covered.

A la carte

  • Custom cocktail development

  • Custom or standard menu design

Our Approach to R&D

All of this sounds great, but how do we actually make it happen?

  1. Brand alignment - Whether the goal is to align the beverage menu to complement the food, or continue telling the same story that your brand tells (i.e. You are a tropical bar with a beach vibe vs. a program that wants to develop a list of timeless classics through a historical lens), we will ensure that there is a synergy between beverage program and either the cuisine, or overall brand image. This will take shape in the form of the cocktail names, styles, and flavors/ingredients.

  2. Serving the community - Understanding who your audience is / who your guests are and what they like to drink is vital, because that's what matters at the end of the day. We will work with your team to analyze sales of previous best/worst-selling drinks to get insights into what works, and what doesn’t. Then we will ensure that your menu strikes the perfect balance of stirred/boozy, to tall and fizzy, to sour, and so on. Menu diversity is important, both in style of cocktail, and the glassware that it comes in. 

  3. Pricing diversity - Obviously, properly costing out cocktails for what they're worth is very important for both the business and the guest. Including a "loss leader" (i.e. a cocktail that may not sell as often, and may be a bit more expensive to pour / on the menu, but is cutting edge and great for cocktail enthusiasts) and balancing it out with a cocktail that's delicious, sells, and is both cheaper to make and cheaper for guests is just one element of menu pricing that we like to focus on. We will work with your team to ensure that your cocktails deliver from both a creative and business perspective.

  4. Team effort - We want the staff to be proud of what they’re selling as well. If you have some talent to tap, and are open to the idea, we will run 1 or 2 sessions with your team to gather their input as well, and refine the concepts. With that, not all cocktails make the list, and some get completely transformed by the end of the R&D session. We always stress keeping an open mind and trusting the process (aka, checking your ego at the door).

  5. Seasonal (optional) - A bit more work on the bar staff for prep, but seasonal menus are always a nice touch if it's feasible - utilizing fresh, local ingredients via shrubs, syrups, infusions, etc.

Mock Drink List


Interested In A Graphic Menu?

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