Photo : Justin Sisson

Photo: Justin Sisson

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the role I play in food and beverage culture, and what “drinkstagrammers”, like myself, can bring to the table for cocktail enthusiasts and individuals who are interested in exploring modern cocktail culture, but maybe don’t go to the bars often for one reason or another and are trying to learn more so they can order more than just a vodka-soda with a splash of "cran" when going out.

After some thought, it really boiled down to 2 things for me: intimacy and transparency.

Now, let me tell you what I mean by that. Say, you are at a cocktail bar with some friends. If you are at a craft cocktail bar, they will most likely have a seasonal menu, featuring seasonally-relevant ingredients that make for an exciting cocktail-drinking experience. You take a look at the menu and you may recognize some ingredients, but not all. The one with mezcal, lemon, blackberry, "whatever those two things are...", and ginger beer sounds good - I'll order that one, you think to yourself. You want to ask the bartender more about the ingredients in the drink to understand the flavor profile you should be expecting and maybe some additional background on where the ingredients are from, etc. But, the bar is extremely busy and they only have time to give you a brief description of how the cocktail will taste. Although they would love to dive into the history, culture, and production of the ingredients within the cocktail - they just simply don't have the time while managing a bar. 


"Drinkstagrammers", home bartenders, and cocktail enthusiast influencers have the opportunity, mostly time, to dive a bit deeper into some of those details. Every time I share a recipe, technique, or experience on my Instagram page, it is at a 1:1 relationship with whomever is reading my post. Even though many people may read the post, each person's curiosity is sparked by something different. It's a unique moment to engage with somebody else and reach them in an impactful moment.

Transparency comes to life in the story-telling background of the cocktails, sharing of recipes and their exact measurements and proportions, the inspiration for cocktail, and rich, cultural detail that is prominent for some cocktails and spirits. Each post should leave nothing up for question and, if there are, I’m only a DM, or comment, away from providing clarity on the subject. And, it's some of these details that can truly resonate with the reader/consumer. I was lucky enough to work in the industry under some exceptionally talented bartenders who, not only excelled at their craft, but were also some of the most remarkable storytellers I have come to know. If it was not for these bartenders teaching me about the origins of spirits, the history of classic cocktails, and approaching their profession with dignity and passion, I would not be here writing this right now.

It blows my mind how there are a solid bunch of us doing this "thing" and sharing a wealth of drink knowledge with the world. My hope is that, through sharing my content, recipes, and knowledge of cocktails and spirits, I will spark the curiosity of others who may be interested in exploring the exciting, ever-evolving culture of contemporary craft cocktails. And, it feels good to know that I have a community of others doing the same thing.

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