Photo: David Mcintyre

Photo: David Mcintyre


Bon Vivantito?

bon vivant |ˌbɑːnviˈvɑːnt/
Noun: a person having cultivated, refined, and sociable tastes especially with respect to food and drink; also enjoys attending social outings. -ito, because just a little bit.

The Blog

Bon Vivantito is an award-winning blog dedicated to educating readers about all-things drink culture ,history, and lifestyle. Through a balance of published work covering topics such as home bartending how-to's, and cocktail industry trends and culture, to original cocktail recipes courtesy of bartender and journalist, Tyler Zielinski, the blog aims to give readers all the drinkspiration they need to embark on their own booze-filled journey.

The Writer

Tyler Zielinski is a cocktail and spirits journalist and content creator, as well as a competitive bartender. He wears many hats, but all of them include a drink in-hand. His blog has been recognized by leading culinary outlet Saveur Magazine as it was nominated as a finalist for “Best New Voice” in 2018, and his drink-mixing prowess has led him to the Regional Finals at the Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience Competition in 2019, where he was a top contender. He currently resides in Hudson, NY where he bartends at the award-winning Backbar, as well as their sister restaurant, the James Beard Award nominated Fish & Game.

Bon Vivantito is a summary of his work, and experiences, from brand partnerships, to published writings, to his original cocktails which can easily be enjoyed in the home. Join him as he drinks his way through life by following @bon_vivantito on Instagram. Cheers!