Photo:  Justin Sisson

Photo: Justin Sisson


bon vivant |ˌbɑːnviˈvɑːnt/
Noun: a person having cultivated, refined, and sociable tastes especially with respect to food and drink; also enjoys attending social outings. -ito, because just a little bit.


I am a NYC-based cocktail and spirits writer, content creator, consultant & home bartender. After some experience in the food/bev industry, I began making cocktails at home and nerding about all-things related to drink culture. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to focus more on my content, so I bought a quality camera to begin sharing my original recipes, and appreciation for spirits and cocktails, via Instagram which is when "Bon Vivantito" was born. To sum it up, I am basically a guy that knows how to make some pretty decent drinks, loves taking photos of them, and loves drinking them even more. Join me as I drink my way through NYC by following me @bon_vivantito on Instagram. Cheers!